Why Knot? Massage Therapy. 

I primarily work from my home office, but I have an alternate location for my clients that are unable to manage stairs or have a cat allergy (as I have a lovable, kitty cat).

My home office is located at:

1360 Yarmouth Ave #201
Boulder, Co 80304

Follow Broadway NORTH until reaching Yarmouth (Amante Coffee is on the RIGHT corner)
Turn RIGHT onto Yarmouth
Take first RIGHT onto 13th St and try to park about 500 ft down
There is a court yard separating two buildings, follow this 1/2 way down
     - You will see a gate and mailboxes on your LEFT
There is a call box next to the gate, my buzzer is 201-6
After entering the gate head straight and up the stairs directly ahead of you
My apartment is on the RIGHT, up another set of stairs.

All of the little directions might give the illusion of being complicated...I assure you, it is not.
You can call at any time if you are confused!