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Why Knot?  Massage Therapy.
30 minutes          $45                                                       

60 minutes          $65                                                      
90 minutes          $85                                                      
120 minutes        $110                                                      

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that I am "the little" guy and need time to try and fill the  space that  was specially reserved for you.
I request 48 hours cancellation notice.  If you are able to reschedule with in one week, you will not be charged for your cancellation. If you are unable to reschedule and have cancelled within  48 hours, you will receive an invoice for 50% of your session rate.
Of course, I make exceptions to emergencies or sudden illness, but PLEASE understand that as a small business it is not as easy for me to recover from these surprises, so I respectfully ask that you PlEASE adhere to my 48 hour cancellation policy.   Thank you.

Savings Options: 

4 packs available for  60 and 90 minute sessions:

*This option is designed for weekly sessions, 4 packs are not to exceed 4 weeks. This program is designed for specific issues that need very regular work to achieve maximum results.  

60 min $195 (Pst...that gives you a FREE 60 minute session!)
90 min $255 (Yup, same deal, only this time you get a FREE 90 minute session!)